Pretty soon bud, you’ll be off on your own!

My heart swells with pride as I pedal along, my young son securely seated on the back of my bike. We embark on an adventure together, exploring the world around us with every turn of the wheels. In this moment, I realize that soon he will no longer be a passenger but a fellow cyclist, ready to take on the roads of life on his own two wheels.

As I feel the warmth of his little body against my back, I can’t help but think about the journey that lies ahead. The training wheels will come off, and he will discover the exhilaration of balancing on his own. The wobbles and falls will teach him resilience, while each successful ride will fill him with a sense of accomplishment.

In this tender moment, I look forward to the day when my son will ride beside me, an independent cyclist embarking on his own adventures. Until then, I cherish these precious rides, savoring the time together and building a foundation of love, trust, and the freedom to explore. The journey ahead holds boundless possibilities, and I am grateful to be by his side as we ride through life, hand in hand, heart to heart.